Hello and thank you for stopping by michaeljthoma.com My whole purpose in writing songs, singing, and performing is to leave every listener with a little more warmth, a little more thought, a little more fullness than when they arrived, whether the song is about love, the passage of time, or just a celebration of life and all it encompasses. It is my personal belief that there are no bad experiences in life, just experiences. Some are joyous, some painful but all a necessary part of the life we live. With each one we learn, each one we grow, and with each one we increase our faith in the goodness of life itself.

I sincerely hope you find something here you can take with you, and that the experience of my music will be a positive one. Thanks again for visiting.

- Mike


  • New Christmas Album
  • The completed new Christmas album “Christmas in the Heartlands” was released Aug. 7, 2012 and is now available on itunes.

  • Announcing
  • Released Sept. 1, 2012 the album “Coming Home”, teaming up with gold record producer Tom Tatman, Mike has put together a group of songs that crosses all boundaries.  No matter what mood you are in it is sure to lift you higher.